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# Alecsia
Alecsia is a web application dedicated to annotating and marking
student digital works.
## Rationale
Marking or annotating student works can be a very time-consuming task.
Alecsia provides several ways to save time. It allows to reuse
annotations that have been previously entered. Alecsia also allows to
provide relative marks which permits to fine-tune the mark scheme
The students also benefit from this application. First all their works
are available, and commented, in a unique place. Second, thanks to
Alecsia's ability to reuse an annotation with different students, the
works are marked more uniformly across students.
## Implementation
Alecsia is implemented as a web application relying on Symfony2.
The original implementation is due to Ludovic Loridan.
You can see on a [continuous
integration]( server if the builds are
## License
Alecsia is released under a GPL-compilant CeCILL license
(for more details see the [license file](LICENSE)).
## Installation
See the [installation file](
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